Electric Flight. Electric Freedom

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Electric Flight

Have you dreamed of soaring above the clouds like a bird? Have you imagined flying through the air without any sounds, just you and the sky?

Well, now you can stop dreaming or imagining. You can now take off in an electric ultralight trike, also known as a microlight. Modern technology such as advanced electric motors are good enough and powerful enough to propel a single seat microlight into the air and fulfil any persons dreams of flying at a reasonable cost. Without the need of liquid fuel for combustion engines, just a single charge and you are flying, again significantly reducing the prices and getting you in the air sooner.

The environmental impact is significantly reduced as there are no exhaust fumes. The amount of noise pollution is decreased also becuase electric motors do not have mechanical parts such as pistons that add to the noise impact.

With several battery options, you can achieve flight times from 30 – 90 minutes on a single charge. Of course this varies depending on how you fly, the total weight of the aircraft and the flying conditions.